Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Nikki Rivera, UMDWRC

What the fck do I buy my uncle and his new husband for Christmas this year?  Guys are already hard to buy for, but what do I fcking get my gay best friend, who lacks the "hair, make up, and glitter gene," for Christmas?  Where can you find fcking awesome Christmas presents and also support homosexual youth suicide prevention?

This is the site you want to check out!!!  With online shopping being so popular this Christmas, FCKH8.com is making it easy for shoppers to beat the holiday rush, find great gifts for gay, lesbian, trans-gendered, questionable AND straight family members, and support youth suicide prevention.

The provocative site brings new life to the issue of anti-gay based bullying.  The video, "FCK BULLIES," is described as "A bad word for a good cause? Funny new video "F-bombs Anti-Gay Bullies & Homo H8."  The video and sight were created by non-profit media campaigner Luke Montgomery, who proudly sports a "DON'T B H8N ON THE HOMOS," a wide open mouth and a middle finger on the sight's ABOUT page.  The "FCK BULLIES video was created to support organizations like The Trevor Project, an organization focussed on crisis and suicide prevention efforts among LGBTQ youth.  

The video is FCKING hilarious and brings up legitimate points about "HOMO H8 & THE SUICIDE R8."  1 out of 3 "queer kids" have tried to kill themselves because of anti-gay bullying.  And where do kids learn to hate?  1) At school, 9 out of 10 "queer kids" are "bullied beaten and bashed." 2) In church, "preaching FCKED up hate has a lot to do with the suicide rate." 3) At home, "kids rejected by parents are 8x more likely to attempt suicide." 4) At the ballot box, anti-gay votes of "ballot box bullies" take away their right to marry, serve and adopt.

So buy, buy, BUY THEM!!!  $5 from each t shirt sold goes to charity and they're sick!  Slogans like "FCKH8," "SOME CHICKS MANY CHICKS. GET OVER IT," and "SOME KIDS ARE GAY. GET OVER IT," plaster the purple, pink, black, grey or white t shirts.  The site also features, hoodies, mini-buttons, sticker, wrist bands and (MY FAVE) the "STR8 AGAINST H8" charity calendar, which features lots of straight dues that "take it off so gay dudes can get their rights on."  HOMO 4 THE HOLIDAYS! Order by Dec 20th to get them before Christmas.

FCKH8 t-shirts and gear
The Trevor Project
Other work from Luke Montgomery 

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  1. I've actually checked out the website and it does have great shirts if I say so myself. I think this is a great way to make aware to the straight community about hate caused by others who do not tolerate difference among men and women. We are in a time where all races working together for a brighter future so why not allow everyone including the LGBT to be part of one society.