Monday, February 14, 2011

Pro-Life and its Increasingly Rampant Hypocrisy

By Gregory Allen

Once again Pro-life (really Anti-choice) fights back with feelings instead of facts with its attachment of the “Protect Life Act”, a provision recently added to H.R. 358, which was introduced by Representative Joe
Pitts of Pennsylvania. The act will effectively allow doctors to refuse medical aid (abortions) to pregnant women even if in doing so it is understood the mother will die.

Perhaps ultra-conservatives need another science lesson after last term’s blatant obstinacy of reality, with recurring incidents such as Rep. Michelle Bachmann’s (MN) declaration that carbon dioxide is in no form harmful; except for Carbon Dioxide Poisoning, which causes minor afflictions like death, and ironically SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome).

So here it is in nine words; if a pregnant woman dies the fetus cannot live.

Simple, right? Not so for conservative supporters. The proposition will allow doctors to refuse aid and treatment to women if they believe that care will kill the fetus. The idea is to allow women to die, to protect unborn life, which will quickly imitate the mother’s condition.

The cruelty of writing into federal law that it is permissible to leave women to perish because of religiously motivated beliefs and apathy has begun to spark responses from groups such as Feministe, “That is truly
sick — and shockingly cruel, even for the usual “pro-life” suspects who regularly use their ideology as a tool to punish women.”

This is a prime example of the necessity of abortions to save lives that are currently in jeopardy, but Pro-life’s vision fails to carry past their ideologies which care for life only when it dwells unconsciously within a
fetus. Once you’re born, you’re past their compassion and consideration; as many who have worked at women’s health clinics have realized, with attacks (almost entirely under the motivation of Pro-life propaganda) still occurring despite cries from Pro-lifer’s for an “open debate” whenever a liberal member of congress introduces a measure to improve and develop equality.

As usual the introduction of this proposition is made by male proponents who lack the physical attributes (such as a uterus) to be affected themselves by a measure that will harm and eliminate others (women).

This mirrors the Right’s Pro-life opposition to stem cell research suggested in previous years that could cure diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. But these attempts have flunked almost entirely, shot
down by members of Congress and the House, who not surprisingly, do not suffer from any of the conditions mentioned; such as George W. Bush, who proposed anti-choice legislation immediately upon obtaining office and worked tirelessly to limit stem cell research.

Bush also established himself as a bastion of hope for Pro-lifer’s during the last administrations eight year reign, and then ordered the torture of other human beings, while igniting two wars; acts which have recently forced him to cancel his trip to Switzerland due to liberal and conservative groups in the country calling for his arrest and scheduling mass protests to demonstrate their lack of indifference toward violence and ignorance.

Many other members of his party who still retain office, such as Senator John McCain (AZ), a two time presidential candidate, have committed themselves to this misinformed and often hostile perspective of only
respecting life that, while in the womb, is unaware and incapable of understanding its own existence.

Also of note, McCain and other Pro-life advocates have tediously and hypocritically opposed sex-education and birth control funding simultaneous to their denial of the reproductive rights of others.

Progress in women’s rights, stem cell research, and other areas of science and politics has been slow and obstructed passionately by Pro-life members and supporters who ferociously defend the “miracle” of birth. And so we are left with this ironic observation, that America’s Pro-life movement has become so fanatic and obtuse it is motivated and willing to kill.

But perhaps more intellectual and open-minded thinking could alleviate the conflict that currently obstructs equality for women and mother’s hoping to flourish in America. Abortion is far from immoral, because it does not destroy a person, but a mere chemical reaction occurring within a woman’s stomach, comedian/philosopher Bill Hicks noted in the early 90’s, and that pregnancy and birth are no more a miracle than putting food in your mouth and transforming it into the by-product that inevitably follows.

To be considered a person, one must possess a collection of experiences, thoughts, and aspirations, and the individual must recognize themselves as such, thus separating one from being an engine of nature driven only by predestined instincts and impulses. An individual that accomplishes this is miraculous and is a form of life worth protecting, and should not be murdered by the homunculus drones of banality that swell our nation’s
conservative faction and its “Pro-life” platoons.

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