Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Pro-life" Presents its Ethical Contradictions in South Dakota

A bill being considered in South Dakota would allow the murder of abortion providers, by pardoning the crime as "justifiable homicide." The re-defining of terms, that have been forever clear and understood, by the GOP continues; previously it was rape and what constituted the act, now the conservative forces are reconsidering murder.

The language being added to the definition of what constitutes justifiable homicide would be altered to allow immediate family members and others to murder anyone attempting to provide an abortion to a woman, even if the woman herself wants the medical procedure.

House Bill 1171 is cleverly worded to allow would-be assassins to circumvent the fact that abortion is legal in this country. Normally justifiable homicide applies only to acts which are illegal, so proponents claim this would not provide motivation for attacks on abortion providers. But this simply is not true, as the language being added states that murder would be justifiable if it is committed in an attempt to prevent harm to someone who would harm another; clearly a fetus would fall under the category of life for Anti-choice militants.

This once again provides not only opponents of the bill, but any who observe or may be affected by it, with the opportunity to see that America's "Pro-life" movement is no more than an anti-choice crusade against women and the development of rights progressing toward equality.

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