Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Get Connected!

by Jillian Washburn

The beginning of my spring break started off with an amazing opportunity. I and three other Women’s Center employees flew out to Washington, D.C. to attend the 7th Annual National Young Feminist Leadership Conference. Once there, we were able to take part in various workshops headed by other active and inspiring feminists. After two days filled with amazing speeches, I left D.C. no longer feeling alone in my struggles to help the women of the world whether they be on campus or off. Coming back, I was hit with the sudden realization that the war on women is still a huge issue that needs to constantly be addressed on all fronts not just on the national level. Feminists need to remember each other and stay connected; we in Massachusetts can't forget about our sisters and brothers in Illinois, Texas, or California. We need to be united, not divided. Ignoring the struggles that face feminists in the other 49 states can no longer take place. I am more committed than ever to staying connected with feminists not just in the Northeast but all over our country. By carrying out such an easy task, we can join forces making our voices louder. I hope the feminists reading this blog take what I'm saying and reach out to one another far and wide.


  1. You are so very right Jill! D.C was awesome,and it also inspired me to want to do more, AWWW and the speakers! They sparked a little fire within me,and it was little mind-blowing that "when we get paid the same amount as men it will be because of those amazing women."(rashida)

  2. Connecting with sisters and brothers on a global level is our only chance. We need to be able to share ALL of our ideas because non-feminists are everywhere and feminists are too but we don't always recognize them. I invited every feminist out there to stop right now, stand up and spin in a circle saying "this is what a feminist looks like"!!!