Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm Not A feminist, but...YES You Are!

By Gregory Allen

Depictions of feminism and feminists in the media, modern cinema, and other aspects of American culture present people with a caricature of a woman that is hostile, militant, sexually repressed, and bearing an addiction to “kill babies”, as Anti-choice parasites proclaim across conservative TV and radio programs. And conservative voices have painted a portrait of feminists as having hatred toward men, always ready and eager to attack. This depiction could not be possible within a functioning society, unless feminist ideas were in the minority. But feminist ideas are the majority.

Reality presents a far different description, one that most American’s can identify with. Feminism has proven a major catalyst in the past for the progression of equality, such as helping women gain the right to vote. Many women across the country vote in elections and participate in politics, yet few would call themselves feminists or recognize this as a gift from the struggles and victories of feminism. Many people also enjoy greater control over their health and reproductive functions, a right fought for vigorously by feminists.

It is important to recognize the similarities in beliefs and ideas that people share with feminists, as not doing so silently condones the opposition they face in creating equality and personal freedoms that all
may benefit from. Here is a list of ideas the majority of people share in common with feminists:

1. You believe a person’s body is their property and their concern, not to be imposed upon or tormented by the beliefs and will of others.

2. A person’s reproductive rights are under their own control and guidance and they should not be deprived of this and forced into a livestock lifestyle of compulsory reproduction.

3. You support ending violence against women.

4. You believe rape is unnatural and not something everyone is predestined to commit, and that it can and should be prevented.

5. Human beings are not raw material, and human trafficking and sex trafficking (which consists predominantly of female victims) should end.

6. You believe all people should be compensated equally for the same task and share in the same opportunity of garnering employment, regardless of their gender.

7. You believe that no one should be restrained by stereotypes about gender or forced into an unwanted marriage or social role.

8. Everyone deserves the same opportunity for quality education regardless of gender.

9. Gender, race, and sexual orientation are not sufficient grounds for discrimination or persecution in any aspect of society.

“Pro-life” bastions, as they proclaim themselves, disagree with a great many, if not all, of the ideas presented. This is disturbing, not only to reflect that someone could adopt the creed of believing their body belongs to someone else, but because a majority of the population must suffer and be limited because of these obsolete notions and fearfully frantic antics. Reproductive rights, physical health, and social opportunities are neglected by “Pro-life”/Anti-choice groups, who lobby politicians relentlessly to cater to their diminutive views and disregard the rights of others.

Men and women are only forced to declare themselves as feminists because misogynists refuse to identify themselves. A majority of people in America, and also elsewhere in the world, share the same ideals that feminism pursues. It is only because of a loud and increasingly desperate minority, that the idea of feminism is construed as a periphery political and ethical position.

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