Thursday, October 6, 2011

It Gets Better Project Event!

THE PLEDGE: Everyone deserves to be respected for who they are. I pledge to spread this message to my friends, family and neighbors. I'll speak up against hate and intolerance whenever I see it, at school and at work. I'll provide hope for lesbian, gay, bi, trans and other bullied teens by letting them know that "It Gets Better."

This is the pledge that is on the front page of the It Gets Better Project at . Not only does it represent the message we should be sending to our youth, but it gives hope to those who are still struggling with their identity and sexuality. Countless LGBT youth struggle with coming out. They don't know what their lives might be like as openly gay adults. They find it hard to imagine a future that is built in a comfortable environment with people who are supportive and understanding. This projects aims at showing LGBT youth what the future holds for them and being the support that they need. Many LGBT kids and teens are bullied and tormented on a daily basis. This treatment instills a feeling of isolation and misunderstanding. Many of these youth hide their sexuality to avoid the daily harassment.

On October 11, 2011 UMass Dartmouth is holding its very own spin of the It Gets Better Project Event! It is taking place in the Fredrick Douglass Unity House from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. We are also having a special film project where LGBT members of the UMass Dartmouth community come together and share their stories about how their lives got better after high school. Please come and show your support! We want to hear your story! To be involved contact Donald Dow at Or stop by the Center for Women Gender and Sexuality, located on the 2nd floor of the campus center. Room 207. Or call 508-910-6567!

Visit the website and take the pledge. This is a great way to get involved, helping spread the message of hope to LGBT youth. With your help, many will soon have hope that It Gets Better.

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