Sunday, November 13, 2011

Powder Puff SUCCESS!

This past weekend on Saturday the 5th at 1:00 pm at the UMass Observatory field, I was lucky enough to participate in the first MVP hosted powderpuff game. A total of 10 young women participated and a group of supporters showed up. The event was a success. It was so enjoyable we decided to reselect teams and play another game! Due to my unbelievable athletic skills, I was on the winning team both times of course! Winning aside, we all had great fun and decided we would try and start an intramural tackle football for women and with the support of the Center for Women, Gender and Sexuality. This decision was made after several aggravated “accidental” tackles during the game.

The 10 women who participated in the powder puff game.

This game not only represents the mentors in violence prevention but the dedication and support of people on this campus. Hopefully, when another game is held in the future, we will have more support and even more participants! Thankfully there were many photographers present and a multitude of pictures were taken. Enjoy! 

An intense moment

Team Mujeres Clientes!

Natalie Allen with the ball

Team Under-dog

A beautiful representation of both the support of your teammate and the aggressiveness the game had. This is why we need WOMEN'S CONTACT FOOTBALL! Pictured is Kayla Akin bringing down her fellow woman for her fellow teammate, Rola Hassoun. 

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