Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rape and TV: Desensitizing Viewers and Trivializing Victims

By Gregory Allen

A recent article published in USA Today (Issue December 15, 2011) provided readers with rape statistics found in a new study released by the CDC. The first line of the article, written by Janice Lloyd, reads, "A major government study examining sexual violence in the USA reports the majority of the victims have serious physical and mental health consequences that can last a lifetime."

Basically: rape causes mental and physical harm that lasts longer than simply the duration of the assault. This isn't common sense for Americans, especially those who read the paper?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Only Known Cure to Poverty

By Gregory Allen

As of 2011, on a poverty line of $1.25, 1.4 billion people live impoverished. Aid is applied but these conditions hardly disappear. In a debate on the subject of suffering with Tony Blair, Christopher Hitchens offered a solution; stating, “The cure for poverty has a name in fact; it’s called ‘the empowerment of women.’”

The empowerment of women and the creation of equality is the only known cure to poverty. In modernized countries, such as Sweden where feminism is not socially stigmatized; development occurs and is sustained. In countries where the subordination of women is tolerated, the opposite occurs, and instability and conflict are far more prevalent.